HIPACC Festival built on the principle that the cultures of indigenous people have dignity, creativity and valuable contributions to their society and the world. We want to share the dignity and authenticity of the cultural expressions of the Pacific and Polynesia.

With many years of experience in cultural education and event production Island Breeze provides in kind service to the HIPACC Festival with the support of the Island of Hawaiʻi Visitor and Convention Bureau.







A collaboration of generations and cultures creating an event for both residents and visitors that celebrates the beauty of those ethnicities found on Hawai’i Island.

The vision of HIPACC is to build a community that promotes honor, respect and unity through cultural principles that restores the ‘ohana (Family) to understand their cultural identity and indigenous cultural practices.

This annual family friendly festival will be held at the Courtyard King Kamehameha Kona Beach Hotel and will involve visitors and participants from throughout the world.

The goal of the festival is to embrace, enhance and steward the cultural heritage of the Pacific and Asia, protecting and perpetuating each culture’s language and providing an experience where indigenous methods of learning and education are showcased.

This festival will be a culturally based experience for both local residents and visitors.  It will be organized as a combined multi generational effort including members of the community from all spheres of influence – providing them with a platform to showcase the gifts and talents of those cultures present in Hawai’i.  Presentations of cultural dance expressions, culturally based education programs, food, music, fashion, art and traditional arts & crafts workshops will be held throughout the two-day event.   The cultural diversity of Hawai’i will not only attract visitors but also establish an opportunity to bring awareness to the cultural heritage that has been established in Hawai’i.




This endeavor will support the growth of the local economy by providing an event that offers opportunities for retail sales, media attention and as an additional visitor attraction that is unique to the state through its entertainment and educational components.  The event will also provide cohesion within our community by bringing Pacific and Asian cultures together in order to celebrate the similarities and differences of each culture.    

The event will provide a platform to embrace an emerging generation who will gain a greater awareness and pride in their heritage.  As they grow to understand the potential they have as individuals because of this new knowledge, they will also have a greater appreciation for the indigenous values intrinsic to their culture and become even more effective in their positive influence on society.

The HIPACC Festival will provide education to the general public about the vast diversity of cultures that reside in the County of Hawai’i.  The newly acquiring knowledge received throughout the event will give individuals a greater understanding and appreciation that will develop unity among our community and within families. Attendees will begin to see the strengths and beauty in our differences.